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Sundays at Hope

Sunday sermons can be found here

Sunday Worship

We meet every Sunday at 10h30 for a ​​​worship service.

Come join us!

Rue Père Eudore Devroye 12

1040 Brussels

Near metro Montgomery (line 1) and tram Boileau (lines 7 and 25)

[Please note: the entrance to the church is up the ramp near Rue Père Eudore Devroye 14]


What to expect at Hope

A typical worship service at Hope lasts for about 1 hour and is followed by an informal time of fellowship with coffee and tea.

Worship -- The Sunday service is a gospel-shaped dialogue between God and his people. The general flow of worship will be: God invites us to worship, we praise him and confess our sins; He assures us of the forgiveness of sins; we respond in thanksgiving; we read scripture; there is an expository and applicatory sermon; we respond by partaking in the Lord's Supper and singing; the service closes with a charge and blessing to God’s people.

Children -- Our worship services are intended to be multigenerational, and children of all ages are invited to remain with their family during worship. We do not offer a separate children's program during the worship service, however a space is available for parents to use as needed with their young kids. Assistance with children ages 0-3 can also be provided upon request. 

To be kept up to date on the latest information about our church, please subscribe to the Hope newsletter. 

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